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I am an international freelance video game producer based in Melbourne, Australia. I want to see refreshing and original games made by underrepresented game developers launch smoothly and do great!If you have the same dream, let's chat!I am currently working at Die Gute Fabrik as a Project Manager on their new title, while also helping other games such as Innchanted ship.


I am a Project Manager and Producer with over a dacade of experience guiding projects from conception to completion.Having previously worked in graphic design, software development and film production,
I am an all rounder kind of producer with experience in both Waterfall and Agile approaches to project management. I have experience managing small indie titles as well as a leading organisational change in companies larger than one hundred people.
I am a Scrum Master and Agile Leader certified by Scrum Allience and Clinton Keith.
Thanks to my design background I also have an eye for UI/UX design and art direction,
as well as expertise in QA direction.
Whatever your production needs are, I am here to help!

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Whether you're looking for someone to manage your next project, a production consult, or support to get your game out of the door I am always happy to chat!I am also available for speaking events, workshops and mentoring.